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So we all know that alcoholism and addiction is a behavioral disease. To help maintain an active recovery then necessary behavioral changes must happen.

Some of these changes often include employment. One thing I was really bad at within my addiction was being reliable. Reliable to get to work, reliable to be at a family event, reliability as a whole.

What is nice about employment in your active recovery is it can help keep yourself honest and accountable. I’ll also say that I, as an active recovery addict, seem to be more motivated and determined than others that I work with. This is not to say they do bad work or lack motivation, it just means that I am aware that I have a little extra “oomph” when it comes to my day-to-day. That “oomph” is my recovery. I wake up every day trying to be better than I was the day before. What else could be more beneficial to an employer?

With that we would like to update you on the IMPACT HIRING EVENT taking place on AUGUST 24th,2016 from 9AM-12PM. This is located at 1213 N Arlington INDPLS, IN 46219 on the 1st floor.

Companies such as Kroger, Xerox, FedEx, and many many more will be conducting hiring interviews. Me and Big Jim G were talking today about our experiences in recovery in the work place. I got my “second chance” by means of a downtown restaurant and ran with it. We all need a second chance at times, this may be that opportunity for you.

Here is the brochure. As always if you need us, we are here. All you have to do is call or come. God Bless

my vote for best sb commercial

Haven’t even seen the game yet and I’m already sold on this great Kia commercial featuring former James Bond hunk Pierce Bronsan. Don’t know how he kept a straight face through this other than it’s all… ACTING!

Oh, and he gets to keep the car.

See, this is why you want to be at Club East this Sunday for the Football Party that just happens to coincide with the S***r B**l. Lots of food and great commercials in-between all the football.

tv give-away on super bowl sunday

DWM32H1Y1_Product_Main_ImageYou read that rightly! Club East is giving away a flat screen tv during halftime. Even though you’d rather be watching Katy Perry (who?) and Lenny Kravitz, we’ll be giving away a brand new, never-been-touched-by-human-hands Westinghouse 32″  LCD  HGTV. Stop by the counter and check it out.

windows 8 sucks air, right? read this

Microsoft has announced that current users of Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Phone 8.1 can upgrade to Windows 10 for free for one year after the operating system launches. Once users claim the upgrade, Microsoft will keep you updated for the supported lifetime of the device.

Follow the link and read the fine print, however. There’s sort of a catch.

a thanksgiving tradition

This has nothing to do with being drunk — or being sober, for that matter — but it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without revisiting Arlo Guthrie’s timeless ditty relating his with run-in the Stockbridge, MA, law… for littering.

Now, rather than the original 18 1/2-minute version, this is the updated 25th anniversary 23-minute version with a few little tidbits to put it all in perspective. I will only say this: I have a whole new respect for President Nixon.