in case you didn’t know, being sober is the easy part

Actually, yes. At least, this has been my experience on numerous occasions throughout my life. It was a genuine encouragement to come across someone who actually agrees with me on this point, though limetwiste at Moderately Sober had no way of knowing this when she wrote spake as much a whopping 51 days into her journey.

I’m very encouraged by this New Zealand soul, who is wonderfully honest at a time when many others simply value the image of recovery over recovery itself. Check this:

Being sober is the easy part. The decision to become sober was difficult. Finding what to do next and how to do it is the struggle. More the “how” really.

. . .

. . . I am finding more peace with dropping perfection, guilt, paranoia, and regret. These things I dropped before becoming sober. Anxiety is still with me but in a much weaker form. Depression is with me too but I recognise it, accept it and have learnt to live with it better. Fear is still with me. Fear is holding me back. I know this. I recognise this. I aim to challenge myself and make the fear smaller or contained. First though comes care. I need better care before I can face fear.

So… she offered that up at 51 days sober. Go read the rest. Lots of good stuff there.

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