repost of a repost by finding a sober miracle: keeping up appearances and drinking

From Finding a Sober Miracle, one of the consistently inspiring recovery blogs I purely admire, comes the revisiting of a very revealing issue… and a profound step forward in Shawna’s own healing.

I am reposting this blog about how important it was for me to look like I had it all together to the outside world, even while I was falling apart.

. . .

What happened next was tragic, like it always is with heavy drinking. And once the storm picked up steam, it was downright scary — like watching a car crash in slow motion. Divorce. Custody suits. Lawyers. Financial problems. Damaged children. Escalating drinking, to cope with the ruins of a life led by drink. I never knew it could get this bad. The truth burst like dam, flooding everything in sight, nearly drowning us all.

I have precious little to add to this, other than one just needs to go read the entire post. This is what this stuff does to lot of folks, eh?

via Keeping Up Appearances and Drinking