has seasonal affective disorder, um… got you down?

It’s that magic time of the year in this part of the magical forest. Despite the incredibly mild — some would say, ‘non-existent’ — winter wonderland we’ve managed to enjoy so far this season, today marks the first truly ‘winter-like’ day we’ve had in Central Indiana since, oh… last year. Really.

I guess the strongest indicator was the temperature high today was an Arctic 24 degrees F  with snow flurries all day long. So it’s worth noting that along with the onset of genuine winter weather comes something even more grim that has a profound, bleak impact on those it overwhelms. I am, of course, referring to a form of depression known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Back in the eighties, SAD was officially recognized and categorized as a form of depression with an annual recurrence, a condition far more debilitating than your average “winter blues.” Today SAD is considered a diagnosable (and insurable) disorder. Treatment ranges from psychotherapy to antidepressants to light therapy — large boxes that look like tanning beds filled with lightbulbs for your face.

So… all that to say this: Victoria B. at 800 recovery hub blog has a brief, easy to read, but nevertheless superb overview of four steps to challenge and control SAD. Now that we are actually heading into winter, it pays to be equipped to deal with the Old Man with everything we have to bring to the table. So go read it. You’ll be more content that you did.



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  1. I read somewhere that SAD is quite prevalent in my native Sweden, and given it’s linked to light it’s no wonder – the winter half of the year in Scandinavia, sunlight is a rare commodity! In fact, I saw on my Facebook newsfeed yesterday that the sun made a brief appearance in Kiruna (far up north in Sweden) for the first time again after the darkest part of the year when it doesn’t rise AT ALL!!! This is good news because even though there’s plenty of winter left, it is slowly getting lighter again.

    I’ve not personally experienced this, I weirdly seem to hit a slump sometimes in spring of all things! Some years I find this is when I get a bit restless, unsure, lost etc. This in spite of spring being such a lovely season with everything coming back to life and the promise of summer. Funny, isn’t it? In stark contrast I really love autumn with darker evenings, wind and rain. Yep, I’m a bit of a weirdo! 🙂

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