“in recovery, we have to lean into our nature to stand straight”

Outstanding post from Mark Goodson at The MIRACLE of the MUNDANE on simply putting the clean and sober life into some much-needed perspective. I’m sure I probably shouldn’t quote so much at length here, but this is majorly good stuff from one of my favorite sites.

Knowing we suffer from the slouch of addiction and alcoholism is only the beginning. If we don’t correct our posture, we continue to suffer . . . Because it is in our nature to love the effects produced by drugs and alcohol, we must do radically foreign things to stay clean and sober.

. . . Recovery is a clean start, a new beginning. I’ve been leaning toward the light ever since, growing the way those trees grow when only one side stretches at length toward the sun. The other side of me is still there. I just don’t give it as much nourishment anymore.

Mark also realizes that life’s terms confronting his family and him are best dealt with with deliberate intentions. I find this… rather reassuring, since Joy and I stopped watching television quite a few years ago. I’m just like that after all these years.

Go read the whole thing. There’s a significant lesson there.

Note: major endorsement for Elevation Burgers.