repost: fire and ice

Another brutally honest post from functioningguzzler (one word) on her own life experience of before/after getting sober. 

I don’t know if I was born with the alcoholic gene or if my life experiences drove me to it in a bid to drown out the emotions I was trying to bury. I reckon it could be both so even if I had a perfect happy life the chances are pretty high that I would of drank celebrating life instead. Alcoholics will create a reason to drink if they don’t have one handed to them. . . .

Is this indeed right? Been there. Done that. Bought the freakin’ t-shirt. The whole issue of the gene is really, in my humble opinion, totally immaterial. Making alcoholism purely a product of inheritance takes away all matters of choice and personal responsibility.

I’m not saying alcohol isn’t an issue. My comment to another blogger recently was that there were “a few things I needed to honestly deal with to overcome my constantly seeking addictions to somehow ‘deal’ with the legitimate pain in my life – pain that had much more to do with father wounds and mother wounds… pain that had its roots deep in verbal, physical, and sexual abuse. Even deeper than that, however, was a belief system that supported and drove my actions and reactions, my choices, if you will, even though little felt to be as such.”

I guess that helps explain why there are old-timers who still have grievously obvious issues, but at least they don’t drink… so there is that.

We need to read this for our own recovery, so go check out functioningguzzler‘s (one word) truly encouraging post. For someone to has been fighting this fight — yes, I really mean that — since 06/21/2014,  she serves as a reminder to me that my heroes come in all shapes and sizes.


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