repost: stopping the negative thoughts

Ever had one of those circle one: (days) (weeks) (months) (years) — and I know you know what I mean here — where everything just majorly sucked? Katie at How I Killed Betty! walks through the basics of stopping those relentless negative thoughts that tend to. Drag. Us. Down.

Do you have a habit of thinking about something vaguely depressing or negative (usually about the past) that within minutes can be blown out of all proportion? And one’s musings seem to slide downwards into the dark murky waters of depression? Well, in the wonderful world of CBT* there is a name for this:


Easy, encouraging read with interesting, doable points. Definitely worth bookmarking. Because it’s not for you, right? It’s just that you know someone who definitely would benefit from reading this. Of course.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy