repost: life is a struggle. really.

From functioningguzzler (one word), one of my favorite bloggers in this messed up world we all share, comes a heartfelt, no-holds-barred glimpse into settling for life one day at a time.

Previously I would of got myself drunk in an attempt to numb it out but then would of had to also go through the period of oh poor little me until I would reach the point that I would be able to pass out and just not think at all. Now I can be sad and not complicate it further by drinking and feeling like crap on top of feeling sad.

See what I mean? Those two sentences in the same ‘graph are enough for a lot of people I know to quit drinking. Right. Now.

But go read it. Won’t take but a couple of minutes… unless you do what I did and camp out on the closing ‘graph for a while.