Daily Reflection 06/23

But does trust require that we be blind to other people’s motives or, indeed, to our own? Not at all; this would be folly. Most certainly, we should assess the capacity for harm as well as the capability for good in every person that we would trust. Such a private inventory can reveal the degree of confidence we should extend in any given situation.
— AS BILL SEES IT, p. 144
Trusting others. What a novel concept. Trust can be tricky for a recovering addict because for years we may have hung around with certain people who’s motives were not sincere or were not in the best interest of us. Furthermore, trust is something that early on in recovery is difficult to have in ourselves, as well. We cannot trust ourselves to be alone and set to our own devices without a recovery program in place to help hold us accountable.
Trust is challenge.
What I love about the quote we used today is how it refers to “assessing the capacity for harm as well as the capacity for good”. In other words, use your common sense. God has blessed us all with this skill. Does it make sense to put the TRUST of YOUR recovery in the hands of a “friend” who is still out there using drugs or alcohol? Does that make sense? Does it make sense to put the TRUST of YOUR recovery in the hands of a STRANGER that you met at a meeting for recovery? These are sincere questions to ask yourself.
The reality is that your recovery is yours and yours alone. No one else can do it for you. However, if I’m going to put trust in anyone to help me on my road to recovery then it’s going to be someone who has a good amount of clean time under their belt and has the same goal(recovery), regardless of if I know them or not.
We all want the same thing in recovery, it seems. We want to be able to have the relationships that we had grown over our years of using drugs or alcohol, however without using drugs or alcohol. We put our TRUST in the same situations and people that found us blacked out and in the poor predicaments that we are striving to remove ourselves from.
What I had trust in early on in recovery was the TRUST that I didn’t know squat. That, perhaps, people whom I had never met  but had some really good recovery time under their belt could give some sound advice on how to get there. They all said one thing in common: Work the program, go to meetings. So I TRUSTED that within the PROGRAM I could find my serenity and truly begin to grow real relationships.
As always, I hope this helps to give a little additional motivation for your recovery today. I know it helps me. God Bless!
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