Daily Reflection: 06/06/2016

Good Morning all. I hope everyone had a blessed Sunday and I would like to thank all who contributed to the Club East Rummage Sale over the weekend. Now, for the Daily Reflection:

Can He now take them all — every one?
Step six calls for spiritual progress. One thing the program preaches is that some “character defects” are still there, however you gain an awareness of them and therefore are able to tone down or eliminate them.
This is a life-long journey. As I have mentioned previously, you’ll be amazed at who you find yourself to be sober. There is a certain motivation for a recovering addict that cannot be understated.
“All we do is try”. I love that. It’s a very simplistic approach to the recovery process. Wake up every day and “Just try”. “Just for today, I will be sober”.
What can life bring to recovery? I often think about that. Sure, as a recovering addict the program saved my life. However, I then got married and now have a child. So, in a way, recovery has  not just saved my life but also helped to create a new life in a literal sense.
I challenge all of us to look at whatever “character defects”, or as I like to call them, “quirks” that we have today and ask how you can turn this into a positive.
Blessed to be sober another day. Praying for serenity to start the week. God Bless.
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