Rummage Sale 06/3-06/5 At Club East

Hello and God Bless! Serenity!

This is a reminder that we are excited to kick-off the annual Rummage Sale at Club East today through Sunday.

A lot of work has gone into this and SO MANY wonderful people have donated such amazing items to help the Club.

I have seen everything from fireplaces to mattresses to clothes and couches and everything in between showing up. It is truly amazing to see the out-pour of support coming in for the Club.

Please be sure to tell your friends and family to come by.

Anyone looking for opportunities to volunteer to help during the rummage sale please call the Club and ask for Jim Gross.



Daily Reflection 06/03

. . . we then look at Step Six . We have emphasized willingness as being indispensable.
Willingness. That is a powerful word. It’s strange that this is today’s reflection as yesterday’s 5:30 meeting really honed in on the higher power and the willingness within the program.
There has to be a willingness to accept your powerlessness over the drug/drink. So many times early in the program your mind can trick you into believing that what you are doing is “learning to become a more socially-acceptable drinker/drugger”.  I have news for anyone who may feel that way; it’s not going to happen. By the time you find yourself in a N.A. or A.A. program certain things in life have brought you there. Maybe it was the law that was the catalyst into recovery, maybe it was a divorce or financial troubles, maybe you just realized that things were spiraling out-of-control. Whatever the case may be one thing is certain, an addict and drugs or alcohol will never mix. You will not be able to be a social or “part-time” drinker. The first step to recovery is your willingness to accept that.
Willingness, as you go through the steps, is the key component. The willingness to believe that a being or power greater than yourself is the only thing that can help to get you from an active-addict to a recovering-addict. If we could all do it ourselves then none of us would be sitting in a group. It is something greater than ourselves that leads to recovery. It’s a life-long journey. The willingness and awareness to accept these as true is quintessential to our recovery.
If you are struggling with your willingness to accept then there is great news….You only have be willing to accept it today. Again, it’s the beauty of a day-at-a-time. Stay “51% on the good side for today”.
Some ways I keep myself centered each day is a morning routine that checks my inventory.
When I wake up in the morning I put both feet squarely on the ground and take 3 deep breaths before standing from bed. This helps me to focus solely on today. I then say out-loud that “God, with your help, I will be sober today”. That may seem like a very small thing, however your self-reinforcement and prayer while having my feet squarely planted to the earth allows me to check my inventory first thing and remind myself that it’s only for today. If anyone is struggling with the concept of not drinking or drugging “forever”, I encourage you to try this in the morning. Helping to make it a daily routine will reinforce your recovery.
As always, if you need us, we are here. All you have to do is call or come. God Bless.
Address: 441 S Ritter Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46219