Daily Reflections: 05/31/2016

. . . our Society has concluded that it has but one high mission – to carry the A.A. message to those who don’t know there’s a way out.
Another Holiday weekend has concluded and, by the Grace of God, it has concluded clean and sober.
Reflecting on the life-long journey of an active recovery over a holiday weekend can be somewhat challenging. No doubt many will have “euphoric recall” taking place within their mind as they hear the buzz of the race cars on the radio and feel the heat of the beaming sun touching their face. It is at these times the wisdom of A.A. shines through.
We know we are not alone on this journey of sobriety. We have a club to hold us accountable, as well as ourselves. However, It’s having that companionship within the A.A. program that helps us get to “the second thought” in those moments of doubt and gain clarity and peace in our sobriety.
For myself, I went nearly a decade without actually embracing a holiday weekend with family and friends. Sure, I was there. But was I ever REALLY there? Doubt it. I was merely a physical presence with minimal mental awareness to share in the joy of time together. I’m certain many can relate to that feeling.
I share this as I read the daily reflection because it is OUR job to share this feeling and carry the A.A. message to those who are not aware that there is a way to live life and embrace those moments; to feel them.  To live life on life’s terms and to thrive in recovery.
If you or anyone you know is looking for a community of like-minded people seeking a clean and sober lifestyle, call us. Phone:(317) 356-2802