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Healthy, challenging post from one of my consistently favorite bloggers. Short, but very thoughtful piece from Paul W at 12 the hard way. Read the whole thing, of course.

12 the hard way

Today’s Prayer of the Day:  I pray that I may understand my real wants and needs. I pray that my understanding of those needs and wants may help to bring the answer to them.

I was going to simply copy and paste the entire Twenty Four Hours a Day passage for January 19.  What a way to start the week!  Exactly what I need to focus on:  my focus.

Rumination: Time to start pushing beyond the nebulous goal of remaining dry.

Being untied from the drunk tree at the top of the hill isn’t enough anymore.  I still need to walk back into town.  I still need to learn a new way of living.  For years my way of living was all about get by, getting through, getting over.  There was always a quiet inner rush to move along to the next thing, never allowing…

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