repost: learning to walk….the talk

“In recovery I think we learn a lot about self-awareness. We work on our defects of character, share our feelings, and really learn who we are – many of us for the first time ever. And yet, yesterday, in the thick of things, I didn’t remember what to say to myself. I realized that what I needed to do was practice what I preach, or in AA lingo, I needed to walk the talk.”

Sober Grace

Walk the talk

One of the gifts of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous is that I get the opportunity to sponsor other women who are walking the same path that I am.  It’s truly what they say, one alcoholic helping another.  I knew from the beginning, way before I thought I was ready to be a sponsor, that sponsorship is one of the things that keeps us sober.  My own sponsor has told me many times that being my sponsor, working the steps with me, and seeing me grow, is a big part of her recovery.  Yesterday, I got to learn that lesson first hand.

I had a rotten day yesterday.  I was grumpy and tired and frustrated over  inconsequential things, and everyone around me knew it!  The stress that comes with new classes starting at the school where I am the registrar was getting to me, I drank way too much caffeine…

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