for those who just don’t get that whole 9th Step thingy

IMG_43370399849212This is why we take the Steps one at a time and in the order they’re in. There’s actually a reason for all that. It’s not just this arbitrary order that Bill and the Doctor decided on over coffee after a meeting one night. There was actually a method to their anal-retentive madness. This is how it all works. Saying I’m sorry isn’t going to fix the other person. Sorry, but it was never intended to do so. It’s not going to take away the pain of what I did, no matter how much I want it to, no matter how much I think it ought to. That’s where honesty comes into the healing process. Am I honest about my healing or am I looking for an easy way out? Do I really understand that some of the people I damaged in my brokenness are just not going to be all that impressed with my recovery efforts? Do I understand that it would suit them quite well if they never saw me again… that never having to confront me again in any way, shape, or form would in fact be part of their recovery?

Tough stuff. But it goes like that sometimes. Not always, certainly. But sometimes.

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