repost: “recovery” and next steps

Food for thought from The Empty 12 Pack:

And when does “recovery” end? Formally defined, one “recovers” from an illness or injury when the healing process ends. You are no longer sick or hurt. Recovery does not last forever. You may never be fully healed, but the recovery process does end. With respect to finding something, “recovery” terminates when the lost item is located.

However, when you talk about “recovery” from addiction, some models (AA) state that recovery never ends. That you’re always in recovery. You’re forever an alcoholic and you’re therefore never “cured.” Wouldn’t that mean that, instead of recovery, the addiction is really in “remission?” If you never drink again or use drugs again you’re still never done with recovery?

Worth pondering while one is on this healing journey. Read the whole thing below, of course.