repost: multitasking: 5 recovery tools that also fix holiday stress

Just in time for that time of year that grabs people around the neck and pulls them under comes this excellent and wonderfully encouraging post from Josie at themiracleisjustaroundthecorner.


This is the time of year that we talk a lot about how to handle holiday celebrations sober (I will be doing just that on The Bubble Hour in a few short days!), but I think just as important is to talk about managing the daily stress that comes along with the holidays.  Holiday shopping, decorating, baking, and increased family interactions all conspire to make that glass of wine at the company holiday party/cookie exchange/family gathering look extra inviting.  So what can we do to manage the extra work and emotional holiday load?  I have found that many of the skills I acquired through recovery from alcoholism serve me wonderfully in dealing with holiday stress:

1.  One Day At a Time

In early sobriety I could emotionally derail myself with thoughts like, “Am I really not going to drink for the rest of my life?”  The anxiety over that question…

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