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News flash: Pot-Positive Traffic Fatalities Up 100% in Colorado

10253855_10155479587790377_7229751906204218125_nNo connection between legalizing pot in the Centennial State and the increase in traffic fatalities, I’m sure. I’d put money on it. Really. I mean, how could there be? Well, a report by a federal grant-funded agency in Colorado found seven specific negative side effects that pot legalization has caused in Colorado. Appropriately entitled Seven Harmful Side Effects Pot Legalization Has Caused in Colorado, the report details the following highlights:

1) the majority of DUI drug arrests involve marijuana;

2) youth consumption of marijuana has increased;

3) drug-related suspensions/expulsions increased 32 percent over a 5-year period and a majority was for marijuana;

4) an increase in college users;

5) almost 50 percent of Denver arrestees tested positive for marijuana;

6) marijuana-related emergency room visits increased 57 percent from 2011-2013; and

7) marijuana-related hospitalizations has increased 82 percent since 2008.

Perhaps people might even be aware of more recent scientific studies underscoring the inherent risks of marijuana. A solid example is the highly respected British health research journal The Lancet Psychiatry, which recently concluded that teens who smoke marijuana are “also 60 percent less likely to graduate college and seven times more likely to attempt suicide.”

Read the whole article on the fun and games in Denver, though. Simply making it legal doesn’t do away with the effects.

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