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An excellent and wonderfully written post at Don’t Drink and Don’t Die. When I started the blog for Club East, I was amazed and profoundly disappointed at the number of blogs that exist for no apparent reason apart from slamming AA. As a member of AA, I’ll be the first to admit it isn’t perfect. But perfection is never the goal, as we readily admit in our 12 Steps. No recovery movement is, thank you very much. And it took some time to find the group that fit my wounded heart, suspicious mind, and introverted personality.

And to add my own two cents while I’m somewhat on the subject, it seems these anti-AA blogs seem to be piloted by those for whom AA has failed — hardly a qualification for being an honest critic of a movement that is successful for countless others to date, including myself and my wife. Those who are so eager to criticize AA would be much more honest in their recovery to simply tend to their own restoration, which is a lifetime journey for us all.

Don't Drink and Don't Die

“…Second, to get sober and to stay sober, you don’t have to swallow all of Step Two right now.  Looking back, I find that I took it piecemeal myself. Third, all you really need is a truly open mind. Just resign from the debating society and quit bothering yourself with such deep questions as whether it was the hen or the egg that came first. Again I say, all you need is the open mind.”
“To get sober and to stay sober.”  What amazing words!
I beg attending AA meetings when I was sixteen, almost seventeen years old.  I had consciously turned my back on the God of my upbringing, and I was having nothing to do with the religious aspects of AA.  I held hands, but I didn’t pray.  Things like that.
No one pressured me to accept “God,” and I’m grateful.  I could understand the group as a…

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