repost: i love realizing i’m wrong

Now see? I never would have had the chutzpah to write a head like that. Too many people I know would have come back with, Yes, it saves us the trouble of pointing it out to you. Kudos to you, Paul. Perhaps I should be taking the Serenity Prayer more seriously.

12 the hard way

That’s what I’m telling myself this morning.  Nothing specific has happened, and I didn’t intentionally or unintentionally do something that requires fixes or apologies.  I’m trying to objectively assess exactly when and where my mind is lying to me.

Step 4: made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

It’s my thoughts that are wrong, and the importance I place upon them.  Some of my latest false assumptions are receiving the same level of import as my tightest-held beliefs.  And my knee-jerk reactions to things usually aren’t in my, or anyone’s, best interest.  I’m coming to realize that removing the drink didn’t sober up my thought process, which was more than a little shaky to begin with.  I mean, that’s why I’m an alcoholic:  it stopped the brain shakes.

It also stopped my rational thought process and my overall personal growth, but that was a trade-off…

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