sigh. . . life does indeed go on

2014-05-11 13.12.54So, I’ve been keeping a low profile of sorts for November and steering clear of blogging except for posting the Daily Reflection. Joy’s mother Audrey — my wonderfully cool mother-in-law of the ongoing 28 years — died Sunday, November 2nd at the tender age of 87. She passed on what would have been her late husband’s 91st birthday, and Joy and I told each other through the tears, “What a terrific birthday present for Bob.”

Things are just returning to some semblance of normalcy on the surface, and I guess one of the best things I can do is get back in the saddle with this blogging thing. Lots going on, that for sure, and it’s been interesting to get caught up with all the usual suspects as I slowly work through the gears and get back up to speed.

I’m sure neither of us would have gone through this immediate season unscathed except for prayer, very close, loving friends, and AA. Still a lot of grieving to do as a part of the healing journey, especially for Joy though I certainly include myself, but I am grateful for where we are tonight.

Now, back in the saddle, eh?


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