repost: the importance of the bubble

Jen at The Soberist Blog writes about protecting her own sober world through the sober bubble.

My sober bubble is no longer so much about keeping the world out, but instead filtering and making room for the important of things in my life. When I take care to monitor my bubble, I feel secure, safe and happy.

This looks to be what we in the business world would call a the makings of a sound strategic plan. Read the whole thing.

The Soberist Blog

When I first got sober it was crucial to develop and maintain a “sober bubble” to live inside until I felt safe. This bubble has been talked about in depth by many other people, but it has become a very important concept for me during my 439 (!!) days sober, so I wanted to touch on it a bit here.

I have recently come to the conclusion that the bubble is a way of life for me. In order to be happy and feel fulfilled, I need a bubble. The people and things that I put in my bubble vary, but I am responsible for taking care of my bubble and making sure that it is healthy. If a person is making me feel crazy, they might need to be removed from my bubble until I can handle them better, or for good. Facebook is no longer a part of…

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