repost: there is more than one recovery tool

Excellent post from robertifs at Process Not An Event. Here’s a money quote:

I know that to deal with my addictions I must be in sync with a recovery path every day. Sometimes that synchronicity is through AA meetings, sometimes through talking with others, sometimes in writing this blog. I know that a blog will not keep me sober or abstinent anymore than an AA meeting will if I am not truly seeking a solution.

Read the whole thing, though.

Process Not An Event

wolfLast night a friend was over to the house and we talked some about addiction.  They noted that they just did not do well with alcohol, that addiction was a familial issue.  They decided they were just not going to drink.  They also noted that they were not going to go to AA or Alanon because they had done that in their teenage years, did not like it, and found the folks to be very judgmental and rigid.  I recognize this can be an issue in AA meetings.  I don’t push people to AA if something else is working for them.  I know that with 30 years of sobriety, I find that the “bleeding deacons” tend not to respond to whatever heresies I might throw out because, well, it has worked for me for 30 years!   I also noted to my friend that since getting sober there were times…

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