repost: how my relapse years got me sober — part 2

Awesomeness takes on a whole new meaning. Sometimes to be a winner, we just have to become weary of being a loser all those other times.

Sober Courage

In the first part of “How My Relapse Years Got Me Sober,” which you can read HERE, I was desperately looking for the third option in my battle against alcohol. I still didn’t really want to be sober, I mean I did… sort of… just not all the time… maybe some of the time, but the rest of my life!? Hell NO! What I really wanted was a third option.


Soon after rehab I relapsed. It was a complete disaster; the house was a total mess and I was struggling with a horrible hangover. I was lucky that nothing really bad happened. Once again I vowed to not drink ever again. I went to a 12-step meeting and proclaimed to devote my entire life to the program.

Three months later I was drunk again. Why? I just couldn’t understand why! What was wrong with me? Why the hell couldn’t…

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