repost: things i do when the going gets rough

Reality check by the numbers from Dangling on the edge.

dangling on the edge

Un-frickin’ believable. It’s been almost a month since my last post. I’ve not gone that long without writing since I started this blog! Craziness. It’s not like things are all good and I’m cured or anything. I have the “fuck its” all the damn time but remind myself of all the reasons I don’t want follow through. It seems to work since I still haven’t had a drink. My reasons, you ask? You hoping for a good reason for yourself? Wish I had the magic word to dispel the desire, but alas, I do not. My reasons are the same as everyone else’s and the same as they’ve always been:

1) The momentary “numb” may be great, but I don’t want to wake up feeling crappy. Maybe not hungover, but you know that feeling – headache-y, thirsty, tired
2) I have 400 days under my belt, do I really want…

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