repost: best definition yet

What an amazing way to begin the day. Thanks so much, primrose!

Notable quote: “I knew it on the first day when I went to bed, terrified and determined, on my first night without a drink and without any prospect of a drink in my future. because who else finds that terrifying, except an alcoholic?”

taking a new path

the word doesn’t matter.

the word doesn’t matter a bit. it’s just a word.

it’s just quicker than saying, “As my life is a million times better in every way if I don’t drink and I’m going to live for a hell of lot longer.” because that is a bit of a mouthful.

you can use the word about yourself, or not. whatever works for you. personally, I don’t describe myself as that to other people, whether in meetings, or conversation with acquaintances, or with people I love best in the world. I keep it as a quiet, certain, piece of knowledge in my own head. in the same way that I know I love my children and my husband. in the same way that I know that I can’t dance (though I do, anyway) but that I do make a damn good Victoria sponge. I know it about myself, now.

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