repost: looking forward to a sober summer

Love it. I mean really, here’s someone who is taking her sobriety seriously and planning accordingly. How splendid is that?


I am really looking forward to this summer, my first summer sober, it’s going to be freaking awesome!!!! No hangovers, no forgotten memories this is going to be the best one I will have on memory.

How sad arse is this I can even remember a time after a hard night of drinking I went to the beach the next day with all the night before party goers. I think when I first got there I would of still been drunk from all the Sambuca the night before. This is not surprising considering I drunk a bottle on my own which is something I say with shame now not with pride like I used to.  I have no idea why I even agreed to going to the beach since I am one of those people that hate the beach. I love swimming but that sand and grit mixed with the fact…

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