repost: feeling cocky

Sober only since August 25th, feelingmywaybackintolife has continually impressed me with her intentions to deal honestly and squarely with her addiction. To wit: here’s an issue I typically see addressed on sites where the blogger has been sober for at least a year.


Yes. That’s it, I have come to another stage in dealing with my addiction and this time it is about feeling cocky.  Thinking: if it is this easy I might as well have another sip – see if it really is that bad. No fuss, just drink like a normie and get on with my life.

Not good. I know it is a Big Trap. Happy secretangel got to the subject before I was even aware I had it. 🙂

I am getting curious. Or lazy, or bored, or tired. I feel I put more control on my intentions than needed to, I don’t know, prevent cravings? Suppress drink think? I don’t know. I do something, I call it vigilance, and I use it not to drink. It is a continuous scanning of intentions, thoughts, feelings, wants, likes, dislikes, cravings and actions. I am getting tired of it.

I would…

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