do you bite your thumb at us, sir?

Allie at And Everything Afterwards chased the wolf away, but it got close enough she kind of flirted with it for a minute. Like we all do. It’s just we’re not all as honest — or as serious about our sobriety — as Allie.

And Everything Afterwards

Last night, lying in bed waiting for the day’s exhaustion to take over, I suddenly got hit with the world’s biggest craving for wine. It had been so long since I had a craving like that that it took me a minute to realise what I was feeling; it was as if a combination of amorphous thoughts coalesced, and then I suddenly got it. Hey, this thing that I’m thinking about and feeling, this is a sodding great big huge craving for wine. I really, really want a glass of wine.

I kind of explored it from the outside, because I knew I wasn’t actually going to get out of bed, go downstairs and pour a glass of wine. So it became an abstract object, which I poked at. How did it feel? What was different about this feeling, as opposed to the occasional idle ‘a glass of wine would…

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