repost: the id, ego, superego, and then there’s the alcoholic ego

Josie at the miracleisaroundthecorner has become such a “go to” source for me. Take some time, read the whole thing, and take in this splendid challenge from a dear friend:

It is truly the most fundamental tenet of this 12-step program: helping another alcoholic helps you stay sober. The gift that keeps on giving!


Today’s meeting was special for a few reasons.  First, we got to celebrate a friend’s one year “soberversary.”  Coffee cake was made this morning, and eaten in its entirety by the end of the meeting.

Second, we had two newcomers to the meeting.  One seemed to have a bit of time under his belt, the other brand-spanking-new to the Fellowship.  Always fun to get some fresh perspectives.

Third, a regular attendee who almost never shares raised his hand.  It’s interesting to hear from someone who’s usually quiet.

Finally, the meeting was interesting to me because my main takeaway from the reading was markedly different from that of the rest of the group.  We read from the book Living Sober, one of the final chapters entitled “Trying the Twelve Steps.”  The chapter gives a brief history of the group Alcoholics Anonymous, the serendipity of the meeting of its two founders…

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