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Love this post from There’s more  to me than this. Here’s a sample:

We talk and talk when we meet up. That hasn’t changed, and I find my experience of our evenings together hasn’t changed either. It is lovely to see them and catch up with them, to hear their news, to talk things over. Wherever we go, we are usually the last to leave the restaurant, and that was certainly the case the other night. I offered my friends a lift home was we walked out the door, (I still get  a kick out of being able to drive home and drive others home!) and they accepted gratefully. One of the women commented on how good I was, “being so restrained” that I was able to drive home.

“Not restrained,” I replied, “but rather, free.” And then I laughed. “I’m no bloody good at being restrained,” I said. “It’s why I stopped drinking.”

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You’ll find this entire post very encouraging.

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