repost: don’t bring me down

One of my favorite bloggers shares a little history about three of her closest friends… and why they are who they are.

The (New York) Author and public speaker, has a book published and speaks about the tragic death of her 17 year old son. It’s been 10 years now. He was partying with friends, was a passenger in a car. You get the picture. His good friend was driving. The driver pleaded guilty as an adult and spent 5 years in jail. He came home and lives down the street from Author. The hardest thing for her was that he got to come home. Her son never will. The Author has had a rocky 10 years but she’s come through it, has turned her grief into a teaching experience to benefit other teens and parents and to help them grieve when alcohol claims a loved one. I went through this with her, but I didn’t stop drinking. Teenagers make poor choices but as an adult I have no excuse, other than that I was just fucking stupid.

This is a must read. And it’s a good way to begin the week.

Sober At Sixty

Well, I was going to post this happy post about three of my best friends in the whole world coming to visit this week.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am very excited for them to arrive.  We’re all spread out now, one in New York, one in PA, and one in Nebraska.  Yea, yea, I know, who the hell lives in Nebraska beside cows and corn. One is a speaker and author, one a teacher who’s divorced, one a widow and me.  Anyway, we all turned 40 together, have children and grandchildren the same age and know each others secrets.  You know that kind of friend, trust and love no matter what.  I thought about how I would write that they all know I’ve quit drinking.  For years I kept telling them I needed to, that I was afraid I’d turn out like my mother, they didn’t think I was…

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