R.I.P. Mark Pressley McCarty

IMG_69717894972935-168x300Mark Pressley McCarty age 65, passed away on September 30, 2014. He was preceded in death by his parents, Evelyn A. and Russell W. (Mac) McCarty and his brothers Michael W. McCarty and Malcolm J. McCarty.

He was so heart- warming and loved everyone and he devoted a lot of time and love to the places and people that meant the world to him. Mark was a beloved and long lasting member at Club East, Course of Miracles and the Native American Community.

He is survived by: children, Kerry C. Downs and Mark C. McCarty; sister, E. Marlene Whitaker; grandchildren James T. Downs and Erin N. Downs.

A memorial service will be held on Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 12pm, with a visitation from 11-12 just prior at Indiana Funeral Care and Crematory, Harry W. Moore Chapel,  8151 Allisonville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46250 (map here).

GOD rest your soul, Mark.
You are truly missed and loved.

In lieu of flowers please make a contribution in his name to:
Club East
441 S. Ritter Ave
Indianapolis IN 46219
Tel: 317-356-2802
Internet: https://clubeast.org/


in 12 steps: sharing is the key to our success

Here’s a thorough piece by Bill from What…Me Sober? over at Sunrise Detox on sharing in meetings. It turns out there actually is a method to the madness, particularly with regard to sharing steps 4 and 5. Under the guise of Recovery Blogger, Bill does a yeoman’s job of taking these steps to the next levels in recovery.

But cleaning up this “wreckage of the past” has to be thorough. Sometimes we aren’t able to get it all on paper or out of our mouths the first time. That’s why serious recovering people usually find themselves doing two, three, or even more 4th and 5th Steps, and it’s why we “continued to take personal inventory” as outlined in Step Ten. As our sobriety develops, more things become apparent that we need to let go, and as our trust in the program grows, so does our willingness to do the work.

Highly readable and worth chewing on as the time passes.

repost: reasons why my life is better sober

This is awesome. And it’s just one list for one person. Everyone has a list. What’s yours?


1. There is pride in every day I add to my total of being sober (currently at day 105).

2. I have only had to put out my recycle bin once since stopping drinking (sorry I had to mention it here).

3. Not being afraid of the phone going at night and answering it and having the person notice my slur.

4. My blood pressure is the lowest I can remember for years.

5. I enjoy mornings now.

6. I enjoy sober sleep, it is so much better than sleep fueled with alcohol.

7. Taking the time to cook much healthier meals.

8. My dog’s life has improved as I am able to focus on playing with him at night rather than get annoyed with him because I want him to leave me alone to have my drink.

9. Both my dog’s enjoy going for walk’s after work that is…

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