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A delightful and very encouraging post from primrose at taking a new path on three universal and yet very personal micro-reasons on why being sober is truly a good thing.

on Monday my daughter started telling me about the school’s teaching on drugs. apparently her class has been practising role plays on what to do if they are offered drugs by a good friend. and I am glad they are doing this while deploring the necessity for this in our primary schools. gah.

and one of the reasons schools teaching it is a good idea is that it opens up avenues for conversations with parents. and I don’t do this every time, but it seemed a good opportunity to talk to her more about alcohol, too. so I said something, as we walked along, about, “Of course, what some people don’t realise is that alcohol and cigarettes are drugs, too. and that they are addictive, which means that you can start by having a little bit, but by having that you end up wanting more every time, till it gets you into trouble.”

and she replied in a way she often does, stating something she knows perfectly well, looking for confirmation: “Yes, because it’s all right for Daddy to have one or maybe two glasses of wine, but you don’t drink any now, do you?”

could have gone with just the “that’s right, darling” with which I so often respond to these range-confirming questions. but took a deep breath and took it a bit further with her than I ever had previously, after a frantic mental shuffle to find the words to hit the right buttons for her.

Now go read the whole thing to see the simple truth this gracious father told his daughter about life in recovery. Oh… It’s worth noting this man is only 32 days from being one year sober.

taking a new path

three hundred and thirty three days sober today – NOT the time I woke up this morning – though near as dammit. turned out dog barking in sleep and house NOT burning down/being burgled. which I guess is a win?

could give you three hundred and thirty three reasons why being sober is fantastic but let’s stick to three micro-reasons now, and hope three anecdotes add up to a post 😉

went out to dinner recently with some folks whom I see frequently but don’t often socialise with. when accepting invitation I did manage to say without too much awkwardness, “By the way, I’m not drinking these days.” and leave it at that. I am trying out a matter of fact, almost plonking approach to such statements, rather than leaving it open-ended and hence a subject for discussion.

I knew all the people attending would be good friends but still…

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