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Kindly remove your shoes before reading the following from Message in a Bottle. You’re on hallowed ground.

. . . I have lots of those things which are slowly making their way down to my spirit, nestled among the other things that have come to me in my short journey.  In the meantime, then, I wrestle with them.  Because they are in my mind, and because I have a thinking problem above all else, that is just what I do.  I over-think.  I sweat the small stuff.  I get caught up in my own filth when there is greater work to be done.  I am human, a work-in-progress.

Wonderfully honest writing from one of the best.


Message in a Bottle


I am always hesitant when I write something here on the blog.  When I write, I am usually focusing in on something that is ruminating in my mind, or perhaps touching on something that I am going through.  Usually, what I am going through isn’t all-consuming as I may make it seem to be.  Usually, I am just shining the spot light on a small or not-so-small (sometimes) part of me that I like to talk myself through.  And share with others. What I’d like to let y’all know is that these things are usually just passing thoughts. What I say today, right now, might change tomorrow.  And often does. The pain I might be going through usually dissipates. What I write doesn’t define me, either way, good or bad.  I think sometimes people read too much into what I write and perhaps see me in constant crisis.

It’s far…

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