repost: another 9 months

Anne at ainsobriety has a wonderful accounting of last evening.


I have a better story to tell today. One of pride and joy and unity.

My husband got his 9 month chip last night. We almost didn’t even go to the meeting. Monday night football was on. We wanted to see KC clobber the Patriots. But we did.
At the last second he asked me to give it to him. Me.
I was overwhelmed and flustered, but I got up and told the group just how proud I am of him. That our life has improved a million percent in the past 9 months. About a renewed sense of family and togetherness that we have found that we never even realized we were missing.
This was a huge thing. Over the past 9 months he has questioned why he ever started this. The unfairness of not being able to drink when everyone else does. The oddness of the meetings some…

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