going it alone

Bill at What…Me Sober? on going it alone and why it’s such a bad strategy.

It’s hard for us addicts to believe that others sincerely care about us. We have already proven that we can’t be successful on our own; that’s what brought us to the rooms of recovery. Yet opening up to others and admitting to ourselves that we do need help is the first big stumbling block to getting clean and sober. It’s hard for us to realize the power of the group, and of a program based on hope and the compassion and understanding of other folks who know where we’re coming from because they have been there too. We expect to be judged, and instead they offer us hugs – how weird is that?

Good stuff from one of the best. Read it all.

What...Me Sober?

by Bill

My wife and I picked up medallions at a meeting last night. We’ve been celebrating with that group since we got out of treatment 25 years ago, with the exception of a couple of years a few years back. My anniversary was the 14th, and hers is today. Although we don’t get to that meeting very often, the group is special to us because it was the first 12-step meeting we attended outside of a treatment facility.

It was great to see old friends and listen to the things the other celebrants and attendees had to say. I couldn’t help but think, as I often do, about the incredible importance of those folks’ support, and the support of many who are no longer with us. There is no question in my mind but that I would have relapsed without it, because my arrogance had me convinced…

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