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Debbie at Dangling on the Edge flat out rocks with this awesome post about another day sober.

You understand that voice in your head (wolfie) is NOT you. It is that voice which tries to convince you one drink is okay. That you deserve it, that you need it, that you MUST have it to get through whatever. Knowing it’s there, knowing that you are not a bad person, knowing it can be controlled is more than half the battle. Sure, it’s hard but remember, it’s the alcohol talking. You are not weak nor are you stupid. You know what’s going on. It’s just a matter of being ready to deal with it and conquer it.

This is good stuff. Go read the whole thing. Now.

dangling on the edge

Another day, another . . . . day sober 🙂 I have no news to report. I just felt I needed to write. I get new followers all the time and feel that they are looking for answers, for help, for an “aha”, or just plain want confirmation that they are not alone. I want to be there for everyone. I want all to know that booze really sucks the life out of you and it’s bad news. You know this, right? And until you can get to the point where you just can’t take it any longer, you can talk yourself blue in the face with what you know but are unable to act upon. That is okay. Most all of us begin our sober journey many times over until it finally sticks. Until you finally read a sober blog that just resonates with you. Until you finally know…

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