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Paul at Message In a Bottle swings for the fences on this stellar post concerning letting go. Here’s just a bite-size morsel:

When I clutch onto things that don’t serve me, consciously or unconsciously, I am either causing more pain or discomfort in my life, or I am limiting myself. Or both. I am also taking energy away from the things that I could be doing. When I feel in tune with what my heart or spirit tells me, I feel serenity. Even if it’s tough at first, or there is fear. When I am out of joint with where I am supposed to be, I feel it. I know when I am not in tune when I get that knotted feeling in my gut. When I hear that tiny voice of reason / conscious contact telling me that I shouldn’t be doing X, Y or Z. I know I am swimming upstream when things seem to be an unnecessary struggle.

I strongly suggest sitting down, pondering and digesting this entire thought-provoking tract.

Message in a Bottle



If you’re a parent, you’re familiar with that closing line from the Frozen soundtrack hit “Let it Go”.  For those of you who don’t have children, and haven’t heard the song…I envy you.  You are on terra firma.  The rest of us are plunged into an icy abyss of relentless repeats of that song being played by our wee ones.  Or at least I am.  My two boys listen to that soundtrack ad nauseum. I have practically memorized the songs and lyrics through osmosis.  I have absorbed the Disney-ness of those tunes and I am not sure where I sit with that.  I have mentioned my helplessness to others, and they have been cheeky in reminding me to just “let it go”.  Hardy har har.

But they are on to something.  I really did have to let it go.  I had to surrender to the fact that the boys…

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