repost: the advantages and disadvantages of sober power

Slave to fashion that I am, now I have to figure out what sort of costume complements sober power. And is there a decoder ring to go along with the secret handshake? This is all so complicated.

Nevertheless… Read this very thorough post from primrose at taking a new path on the vantages and disadvantages of sober power.

And while you’re reading, I’m off to the costume shop. Good thing Halloween is around the corner. Gives me a leg up on this thing.

taking a new path

if sober power were a new form of renewable energy, like solar power, hydropower or wind turbines, how would it rate, compared to that hoariest of fossil fuels, alcohol?

  • sober power is free. supermarket bills shrink rapidly when cranberry juice takes the place of wine and spirits, and restaurant meals become almost laughably less expensive.
  • sober power does not pollute your body. your skin as the outermost organ shows signs of healing first. I used to think my foundation shade should be named ‘Ash Grey’…now it is more ‘Pink Lady Apple’.
  • sober power is infinitely available. like the world’s oil reserves, the costs to me of using alcohol as a fuel will rise exponentially until I can no longer meet them. but sober power will carry me indefinitely for as long as my feeble frame will permit.
  • unlike solar power, it can be used on cloudy, overcast days, and at…

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