repost: passive/aggressive notes

Yeah, sometimes I think we underestimate our passive/aggressive tendencies. It’s not enough that you simply don’t honor the tip jar for the dude or chick volunteering their time to work the counter at the Club. There are other ways. Here are a few from long awkward pause.

 saturday six

 We all have that one friend…that one person…who is soooooo passive/aggressive it just kills you. Like they ooze it. You know whenever you engage this person in conversation, you will immediately end up with a headache.

One example of our favorite passive/aggressive things that people do, is when they have a name that is either:

A) Entirely unpronounceable such as: Njkvoighsky (It’s Slovackian)


B) Looks like it could be pronounced one way such as: Smith….but it’s actually pronounced: Smayth

Then they get mad at YOU for not pronouncing it correctly!

If you have a hard last name, understand it maybe pronounced incorrectly. That’s life! Change your name or deal with it. (Unless it’s a direct family member doing the mispronouncing, then you’re entitled to slap them)

Our other favorite example is shown below. Leaving notes.

(The Note Leaver. A new breed of passive/aggressive super hero.)

(Are parenthesis passive/aggressive?)

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