the permissible addiction

10534719_10152276572763581_8129918625054517956_nI often ponder why we have a “smoking room” at Club East. “Well, at least they’re not drinking” I suppose is one way folks look at it. Nevertheless, I’m seriously challenged to rationalize trading one addiction for a highly addictive ‘nuther one. That’s why I appreciate the effort put forth by Daniel Genis in the latest issue of the fix: Smoking’s Last Frontier.

Smoking actually kills more people that just about any other substance. And the benefits of it are very questionable; it doesn’t get you high, and the ‘calming’ effect of nicotine is totally a mental delusion, as the chemical is a stimulant. Most of the sophisticated smokers want to quit, but have trouble.

Oh, well… this still makes for interesting reading. And there’s some good info along the way. Read the whole thing. And empty your freaking ash trays in the smoking room, for crying out loud.

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