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I always like mentioning at times such as this that I smoked from the age of 14 up into my mid-20s. I quit one New Year’s Eve when I got so drunk I couldn’t hold a cigarette. I know you’re wondering, but No, it didn’t occur to me at that point it time I might — just might — have a drinking problem. I did, however, quit smoking that very night. And the challenges for me were the usual ones. After a big meal. After sex. With a cup of coffee. While drinking. None of that has anything to do with much of anything, other than to say it’s pretty obvious that because this is a blog about alcohol and chemical addiction, I have a pretty addictive nature.

This is a great post from Ruffie at Ruffie Goes Sober. And I want to just add my encouragement; Ruffie, it’s time for boot camp. 🙂

Ruffie Goes Sober

Well, I am now 80 days sober! How do I feel about that achievement? Awesome, Fantastic, Jubilant!

How do I feel within myself? Meh! While getting on top of the alcohol trap is wonderful, I feel uninspired and generally lethargic and sloth like. Not committing to much and keeping to myself.

I used to be outgoing and spontaneous, always the first to put my hand up and say “Yep, count me in!”

The shield of protection I have put on to ward off the attacks of giving in has turned me into a boring, safe and comfortable being.

It’s time to shed these shackles and say “Enough!”

I started smoking again about 2 years ago (Yes, I hear you all groaning). Guess what made me start that awful habit again? My good old friend alcohol of course. A weak moment, lots of stress at the time and that was that…

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