news item: how obamacare is “killing” aa’s membership

wake upIt kinda sorta maybe looks as though there might be a hint of a wake-up call looming on the horizon.

Under Obamacare, insurance will currently only pay for “evidence-based” treatment, i.e. “scientific facts” touting hard numbers as consequential evidence of the success of a specific  strategy in treatment of alcohol or chemical dependency. Consequently, rehabs are apparently eliminating 12-step groups in favor of harm reduction and other statistically strong methods.

Ironically, the anonymity of Alcoholics Anonymous may be its own demise. As the law requires proof of 12-step treatment effectiveness, AA has traditionally resisted any direct involvement in studies. The same follows for 12-step rehabs. Many do not publish their efficacy most likely because it isn’t encouraging. As the law requires evidence-based treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, many rehabs will be forced to switch to an evidence-based model, at least in part, in order to survive.

The big guns in the Indianapolis area like Fairbanks and Valle Vista, et al, have historically been very accommodating. But when the subject of funding rolls around on an annual basis, it’s good to know what the score is when all is said and done.

Yep… read the whole thing.