pms: a natural threat to sobriety

7099766821_087eec5482_zWell, here’s a little educational nod to folks who think the attached graphic is more than just a little telling. I mean, I’ll be one of the first to confess when this image started making the rounds on the Internet some years ago, I snorted my fair share of coffee up my nose and into my keyboard as I chortled at its simple reality.

Time being the wonder-worker that it is, however, facts are emerging giving rise to the increasing evidence that this little “monthly visitor” may very well be a threat to sobriety for women. Kristen Rybandt, who blogs at the thoughtful and very well-written ByeByeBeer, has an excellent piece at the fix detailing the undeniable ramifications of alcohol and pre-menstrual stress.

I remember slamming things around the kitchen one night and feeling like I’d lost my mind. I was angry about something so minor, I literally can’t remember what it was and I don’t know that I knew then either. I only remember how out of control I felt until my husband asked that ill-advised but in this case dead-on question: Is your period almost here?

This was not the first time he’d said this to me, though it was maybe the first time it dawned on me that he was only trying to help both of us. Something clicked in my brain and the sense of relief was sudden and sweet. I was not going crazy. My life was not suddenly, irreversibly terrible. I had PMS… and it would pass.

This is good stuff and well documented. Read it… and follow all the links.