a defiant desire to change

I don’t know that many of us realize we need to fight to change. Yes, yes… we all know it’s a struggle. But we don’t accidentally change, anymore than we can post a date next year on the calendar and say, “Thank God I’ll be done by then.” Most of us — hopefully — know it takes more. Love this post by Maggie at Sober Courage.

Sober Courage

I found this quote while searching for inspirations on the web. I think I have read it like a hundred times by now. It has really touched me, deep down inside, on so many levels, especially when it comes to getting sober.

“Discontent and disorder are signs of energy and hope, not of despair,” the English historian Dame Cicely Wedgwood has pointed out. “That’s the nature of hope…it’s not optimism, where everything feels right with your world, but a defiant desire to change. And change tends to feel uncomfortable.”

I strongly believe that if you want to get sober, resolve may not be enough – it was not enough for me. Willpower was not enough for me either. Actually I believe that willpower has nothing to do with it; my willpower seemed to come and go – one day I will, I one day I won’t. Wanting it really, really…

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