i suspected as much: football is bad for your health.

Bill at What. . .Me Sober points us to an interesting health bulletin from the University of Alabama that puts the onus on those traditional sucky diets during football games.

[TRIGGER WARNING: this is not an article encouraging abstaining from alcohol, merely going with “lite” beers. If you’re new into recovery, this article is thin ice for you.]

“The body doesn’t distinguish between ‘bad’ stress from life or work and ‘good’ stress caused by game-day excitement,” Gilchrist said. “It impacts your health either way.”

In addition to the effects of stress on the body, some add insult to injury by eating and drinking more than they should while cheering on their favorite teams. Moderation is the key, but people tend to eat more under stress.

“Some people are stress eaters, and others tend to eat more when watching TV,” Gilchrist said. “They are distracted by the entertainment and don’t realize how much they’re eating, and they don’t listen to their brains telling them they are full.”

Alcohol can further complicate matters, particularly for heart patients.

No fooling. Still, lots of good information to be found.