repost from lucy’s page: the blue dot we call home

Most of us know something about thinking outside the box. Lucy at Lucy’s Page with Soberistas does a cool job of thinking outside the planet with a big picture look at The Blue Dot We Call Home. This is good stuff.

My journey, from wine lover to sober and happy...

When I drank, I did not worry too much about my place in the cosmos, or about how we, as humans, frequently live out our lives with grandiose ideas of our own importance, when in reality all we amount to is a minuscule speck within a vast, black expanse of time and space. But, with far more thinking time on my hands and less mental cloudiness these days, I find myself contemplating such things rather a lot. I’ve realised that I am now caught up in a virtuous circle; without alcohol fogging my thoughts, I have finally acknowledged just how precious life is and this serves only to reinforce why I never wish to drink again. As a drinker, I simply never noticed those things, or was too drunk or hungover to properly consider them – thus wasting my life drunk did not strike me as anything to worry about.

Here are a…

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