repost from emotionaldrinking: it’s not easy being married to an addict in recovery.

Wow. From Fern at emotionaldrinking… getting down to the heart of the matter, to quote of my generation’s decent songwriters:

I sit here contemplating my next step. I decide to read about AA and marriage and I come across enlightening words that I need to hear.

Chris M. Tatevosian, author of the book, “Life Interrupted: It’s not all about me,” struggled with MS and not alcoholism but his words ring true. He writes, “My problem was that I acted like my problems outweighed the importance of any problem or concern she had…. I felt the world owed (me) everything.”

That got me thinking.

More where that came from.

My Healing Recovery

A year into this sobriety and I feel like the journey has only begun.  AA has helped me to live a sober life and the steps are a way to continue working on myself.  I want to talk about recovery and those feelings that I buried for so many years. Unfortunately, my husband and I are at a crossroads because he doesn’t.  We are in couple’s therapy and it has uncovered emotional charged topics that my husband says are unnecessary to continue talking about.

To keep talking about it focuses on the negative, he said.  He’s done, he said.  This talking is mental abuse, he said.  I can chose to be unhappy but he is going to do something fun today, he said.  It doesn’t involve me because I’m emotionally detached and I want to be negative, he said. 

You sound angry, I said.  I’ll be here when you want…

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