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Here’s where I confess my pure, unadulterated envy. Once upon a time I used to be healthy. When I was 21, my best friend and I rode our 10-speed Peugots from Vancouver, Canada down Highway 101 to Ensenada, Mexico. We trained for it for several months, riding every day, relentlessly, regardless of the weather. Our trainer had just ridden several seasons with the Brazilian bicycling team. I’ve never been so healthy again in my life. I remember it still as though it were last week, which is why taking a new path remains one of my favorite blogs.

Anyway, here’s a money quote:

as not drinking becomes routine, it is sometimes hard to balance the need to keep my sobriety fresh and vigorous with the knowledge that it is maturing and growing.

Life does indeed go on.

taking a new path


Sunday. aaaaaaah. long run day. one of my favourite things.

the feeling as I set off for a long run is very specific. going out knowing that I will be running for an hour and a half, perhaps a bit more. it is a time when I allow myself to check out of my day to day life in a way that I do not do at any other time. it delivers the escape that alcohol promises.

I’m in training again for another half marathon and the long runs have been ramping up accordingly. up to eight miles, now. so as the mileage increases I revisit longer routes which I first ran back in November 2013.

ran one such this morning. a four miles out-and-back route. little hills till the two mile marker, when I reach an old drystone park wall backed by woods, rising up gradually to a peak…

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